Kevin Loesch

Kevin is the Operations Manager for CLM Presents. His tactics have improved operations for CLM since joining in 2019. Part of Kevin’s strategy in handling operations is being proactive, not reactive. He ensures all aspects of the business are seamless and is your point of contact if you are interested in doing business with us!

Calen Schaefer

Calen aka Cato is the Founder and CEO of CLM Presents. CLM dates back to 2013 when Calen was touring under the artist name Cato and all social media handles were CatoLiveMusic (aka CLM). He started booking and routing Midwest Tours for artists to gain a larger following for himself. After moving away from his beloved Minneapolis, Cato found it more difficult to keep up the continual grind of having a day job, touring as an artist, and producing events. So he decided to hang it up as an artist. When the workload for producing events started to yield enough financially he decided to quit the 9-5 and give full time promoting and entrepreneurship a chance.

Fast forward 5 years later and Cato has a brand that spans 10 Midwest Markets. The list is extremely lengthy on who Cato has worked with in the industry but he prides himself on keeping relationships strong and always delivering on what he says when it comes to business. When CLM was formed many moons ago, it was with the goal to have concert goers and musical artists become integrated into one unified brand all driven by work ethic, hard data, and analytics. For him, concerts are not only events but they are a way of life. He has a core understanding of how to provide a memorable experience for concert goers due to the decade he spent touring the country and performing for people. He is hands on with every part of the business and is the prime example of what you can achieve with hard work.

He has 3 quotes to live by.

“Listen more than you talk”
“Good business means doing what you say”
“There are talkers and there are doers. If you have to ask which one you are, you are not a doer…”